25th Exchange Meeting

Surface Disposal category A waste

Programme and presentations

10 October 2023


09:00    Introduction - Maarten Van Geet (ONDRAF/NIRAS)


09:10    The safety concept for the Dessel surface repository - Elise Vermariën (ONDRAF/NIRAS)


10:05    Coffee break


10:35   Performance analysis of the containment capacity - Eef Weetjens (SCK CEN)


11:30    Hydrogeological aspects - Diederik Jacques (SCK CEN)


12:25    Lunch


13:30    Contruction of the disposal facility: planning and general outline - Wim Bastiaens (ONDRAF/NIRAS)


14h25    Disposability of category A waste - William Wacquier (ONDRAF/NIRAS)


15:05    Coffee break


15:35    Role and activities of FANC and Bel V in the category A waste surface disposal - Geert Volckaert (FANC)


16:15    Conclusions and outlook - Rudy Bosselaers (ONDRAF/NIRAS)


16:30    Drink