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An overview of long-term HM measurements around HADES URF.

Bastiaens W., Bernier F., Li X.
EUROCK 2006, Multiphysics coupling and long term behaviour in rock mechanics, Liège, Belgium, 9-12 May 2006 / Belgian Rock Mechanics Society, London, British Indian Ocean Territory, Taylor & Francis /Balkema, 2006, p. 15-26

The HADES Underground Research Facility. RWMC FY2005 Consultation 2 Task 2 Special Report 2.1.

Bastiaens W.
Mol, Belgium: SCK•CEN, 2006.- 42 p.- (External Report of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre; ER-13; RWMC FY2005 Consultation 2).- ISSN 1782-2335

Pore Pressure and Total Stress around Excavations in a Deep Clay Formation

J. Verstricht, W. Bastiaens, F. Bernier and X.L. Li
7th Int. Symp. on Field Measurements in GeoMechanics (FMGM 2007), 24-27 Sept 2007, Boston, USA

Similarities in the hydro-mechanical response of callovo-oxfordian clay and Boom Clay during gallery excavation

Y. Willeveau, F. Bernier

Repository design issues related to the thermal impact induced by heat emitting radioactive waste.

F. Bernier, X.L. Li.
Abstract for Clays in natural & engineered barriers for radioactive waste confinement, September 2007.

Creep behaviour in thermal and mechanical consolidation tests on Boom clay

T. T. Le, Y. J. Cui, P. Delage and X.L. Li
Article for 11th congress of the international society for rock mechanics, 8-13 July 2007, Lisbonne.

Porewater pressure and total stress evolution around excavations in a deep clay formation

J. Verstricht, W. Bastiaens, F. Bernier and X.L. Li
Géotechnique, Journal Publication for FMGM 2007 (Field Measurements in GeoMechanics).

Thermal impact of a HLW repository in clay. Deep disposal of vitrified high-level waste and spent fuel.

Sillen X., Marivoet J.
Mol, Belgium: SCK•CEN, 2007.- 59 p.- (External Report of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre; ER-38; CCHO 2004-2470/00/01, DS 251.SAF).- ISSN 1782-2335

TIMODAZ. Deliverable 2.

Li X., Bernier F., Vietor T., Lebon P.
Brussels, Belgium: European Commission, 2007.- 106 p.- (European Commission; TIMODAS Deliverables; FI6W-CT-036449)

25 Years Geotechnical Observation and Testing in the Tertiary Boom Clay Formation: Geotechnique symposium on stiff sedimentary clays - genesis and engineering behaviour, London, United Kingdom, 14-14 May 2007.

Bernier F., Li X., Bastiaens W.
Géotechnique, 57:2(2007), p. 229-237.- ISSN 0016-8505