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Thermal Analysis of C-waste geological disposal facility in clay formations

Dizier A.
2018, EUR_18_010, ESV EURIDICE GIE, Mol, 65 p.

Thermo-hydro-mechanical modelling of a C-Waste geological repository

Dizier A.
2018, EUR_18_013, ESV EURIDICE GIE, Mol, 53 pages

Hydro-Mechanical Modelling of the Boom Clay Excavation, Convergence and Contact with Concrete Lining

François B., Nève J., Levasseur S., Dizier A. Gérard P.
2018, In : Energy Geotechnics. Springer, 2018, p. 418-425.

Exploring fissure opening and their connectivity in a Cenozoic clay during gas injection

Gonzàlez Blanco L., Romero E., Jommi C., Li Xiang Ling
2018 - Exploring fissure opening and their connectivity in a Cenozoic clay during gas injection

The PRACLAY Heater test after two years of the stationary phase

A. Dizier, G. Chen, X.L. Li, J. Rypens
EURIDICE Report, ref. EUR_PH_ 17_043

Activity Report 2016

Li Xiangling
ESV EURIDICE GIE, Mol, Belgium, 2017, 54p.

The start-up phase of the PRACLAY Heater test

A. Dizier, G. Chen, X.L.Li, J. Leysen, J. Verstricht, I. Troullinos, J. Rypens
EURIDICE REPORT EUR_PH_16_025, Mol, Belgium, 2016, 54p.

Creep behavior of boom clay

Yu H., Chen W., Gong Z., Tan X., Ma Y., Li X., e.a.
International Journal of Rock Mechanics & Mining Sciences, 76:06(2015), p. 256-264.- ISSN 1365-1609

The PRACLAY Seal gas-injection experiments

Troullinos I., Verstricht J.
Mol, Belgium: SCK•CEN, 2015.- 33 p.- (External Report of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre; ER-291; European Commission FP7 FORGE).- ISSN 1782-2335

Coupled modeling of Excavation Damaged Zone

Salehnia F., Collin F., Li X., Dizier A., Sillen X., Charlier R.
in Boom clay: Strain localization in rock and distribution of contact pressure on the gallery’s lining.- In: Computers and Geotechnics, 69(2015), p. 396-410.- ISSN 0266-352X