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Measurement techniques for in situ stresses around underground constructions in a deep clay formation.

Verstricht J., Areias L., Bastiaens W., Li X.
Proceedings 14th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics (ICEM 14), Poitiers, FRANCE, July 4-9, France, 4-9 July 2010 / EuraSEM, Poitiers, France, EDP Sciences, 2010, p. 1-8

Half-scale test: an important step to demonstrate the feasibility of the Belgian Supercontainer concept for disposal of HLW.

Areias L., B. Craeye B., De Schutter G., Van Humbeeck H., Wacquier W., Villers L., e.a.
Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Environmental Remediation and Radioactive Waste Management. ICEM2010, Tsukuba, Japan, 3-7 October 2010 / University of Tokyo, Fairfield, United States, ASME, 2010, p. 1-10

The large-scale in-situ PRACLAY Experimental results.

Van Marcke, P., Li, X.L., Chen, G., Verstricht, J., Bastiaens, W.
Deliverable 11 of the TIMODAZ Project.

ATLAS III In Situ Heating Test in Boom Clay: Field data, observation and interpretation.

Chen, G.J., Sillen, X., Verstricht, J., Li, X.
Computers and Geotechnics (accepted for publication).

Radioactive Waste Management in Belgium. With particular emphasis on activities around clay as disposal host formation.

Wouters L., Li X.
NEA, 20th Clay Club Meeting, Country Report 2009-2010, 2010. 9 p.

Timodaz Project Deliverable 8. Small scale in-situ tests: Borehole experiments at HADES and MONT TERRI rock laboratories.

Vietor T., Li X., Chen G., Verstricht J., Fisch H., Fierz T.
Final report.- Brussels, Belgium: European Commission, 2010.- 84 p.- (European Commission; Deliverables TIMODAZ; TIMODAZ Deliverable 8; EC FP6 Timodaz)

Excavation induced fractures in a plastic clay formation: Observations at the HADES URF.

Van Marcke P., Bastiaens W.
Journal of Structural Geology, 32:11(2010), p. 1677-1684.- ISSN 0191-8141

Heating pulse tests under constant volume on Boom clay.

Lima A., Romero E., Gens A., Muñoz J., Li X.
Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 2:2(2010), p. 124-128.- ISSN 1000-6915

Design and development of large-scale in-situ PRACLAY heater test and horizontal high-level radioactive waste disposal gallery seal test in Belgian HADES.

Li X., Bastiaens W., Van Marcke P., Verstricht J., Chen G., Weetjens E., e.a.
Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 2:2(2010), p. 103-110.- ISSN 1674-7755

Study on long term hydro-mechanical coupled behavior of Belgium Boom Clay.

Hongdan Y.
Beijing, China: Wuhan Institute of Rock&Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2010.- 187 p.- PhD thesis